On the water

This week consisted of going through several topics in training. Although I did sit an listen to a lot of important things, I also managed to eat about half of the bag of chocolates. One of the cool things that we did was visiting several sites such as Dismal Nitch, Salt Works in Seaside, Oregon, and the Yawn property. I would say that I enjoyed the Yawn property the most. I really liked the location and it had some neat history. We all gathered around the porch of the house and had lunch and listen to Chris give details about the property and such. My favorite event of the weeks was Kayak training! We went and learned how to rescue swimmers and empty their kayaks Incase the capsized. Although the water was cold, the people made it fun! The funniest thing was when Daniel and Izzy flipped me over as the pretended to be panicking individuals. On Saturday Ranger Alicea and I went to the Seaside Library anddid some more outreach. The people were great and the tamales were too. ‘Til next time(: 

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