Old Rag Mountain

The other day I had my biggest rove yet: Old Rag.

You may be asking, what is Old Rag? Let’s say if you are a Virginian, it’s almost a right of passage that you must do at some point! It is one of Virginia’s most challenging hikes and usually takes all day to complete. The hike has 3,000 ft + of elevation gain and nearly a mile of rock scrambles you must battle through to reach the peak! Unfortunately, a third round of Canadian Wildfire smoke had entered the state, so my coworker and I had to go a bit slower when navigating the hike.

Although a bit hazy at the peak, it was an extraordinary view and worth it in my books. Being at the summit and looking down reminded me a bit of how my season is almost over here. I had come a long way to “reach the top,” and it was all worth it.

We ended up completing the 9-mile hike in around 6 hours, which wasn’t bad!

Me in front of rocky steps

Old Rag summit

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