NPS Fashion Week 2023 by Gisel Adame

Hello all, thanks for keeping up with me! A little introduction to myself and my project. My name is Gisel Adame, and I am a Social Media Intern for Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. On a day to day basis I come up with many different ideas for our social media pages. This is to increase engagement among the various social sites, represent myself and provide others a voice in writing, increase awareness, and celebrate many different topics involved with the National Park Service.

However, the main project I am here for is NPS Fashion Week. NPS Fashion Week is an annual campaign that looks at NPS resources through a fashion lens. Since it is running alongside NY Fashion Week, it increases engagement and activity for the park. NPS Fashion Week inspires collaboration across NPS staff, parks, and beyond. I am super thrilled to be apart of this project and learn so much.

Much of what I learned over the last few years in college is put to the test here in person. I am struggling a bit to realize that sometimes I do not always have the answers or information. Relaying information to the public is harder than I thought. Often times you face a lot of criticism or support from people you do not know. College, however, taught me to state the facts of history, and frame no biased information out on paper. What I learned is that it is okay to not know everything, and sometimes it’s not your story to tell. Show the impact it made on you, and how you were affected by it. Be the steward of our parks, so people are aware of the information you’re discovering while you’re there. Sharing my experiences is the best way to connect with others. NPS Fashion Week will hopefully connect more fans of conservation to National Parks.

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