Now Aproaching: The End of The Line.

My Summer at Pullman is coming to a close, and all I want to say is thank you to the incredible community that exists here. Without the community’s efforts to maintain and preserve the history of this location I would not have known how important Pullman continues to be. As an environmental student it was fascinating to see elements in Pullman’s town planning that would be considered sustainable practice in today’s day and age. To see such passion for the preservation of an important piece to America’s labor movement is a pleasure.

Which is why the city’s decision to break up A Taste of Chicago into smaller citywide events more important to highlight the vast differences in culture that someone can experience from one neighborhood to the next. A Taste of Pullman, as it was called, allowed the community of Pullman to shine, and it was a perfect opportunity to reflect on my time working with NPS.

As we manned our booth, enticing people towards us with the promise of Junior Ranger Stickers, we got a chance to meet people from the neighborhood and its surrounding area. Some already knew about our park while others didn’t. We directed them to the cool AC of our National Park, a brief escape from the muggy heat we were all being treated to. In between visitors we spoke with some of our partner organizations. If anything, leaving the sense of strong community found in Pullman will be one of the things I miss the most. The ability to connect with the people of Pullman is one of the pleasures, getting to hear their stories, meet passing family, and get to interact with the kids and know I left a mark however small.

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