New Places, New Friendships

Last week I was able to go on another ParkRx trip to Catoctin Mountain National Park! I went with Chris, who is a fellow working on collecting the Park’s data for the ParkRx website. We thought it was going to be a good day, partly cloudy and not as hot, to hike to Wolf Rock and Chimney Rock. Well it wasn’t, it ended up pouring rain and it was fifty degrees out! We were not prepared for that! Climbing the rocks was a little scary but in the end it was really fun! I didn’t have to go to the gym that day! The Youth Summit, which I have been helping plan, is just around the corner! We have many fun activities planed, giveaways, guest speakers, and more all coming together! The Summit is a way to bring all the different youth programs that work in the National Park Service to come together and learn about each other’s programs and park. Over the past few years it has always been a fun event! My favorite part about planning events is when it all comes together the day of the event and you get to see everyone enjoying themselves. I have also been busy helping other parks plan their event/activity for Latino Conservation Week. The plans are still in the making but I believe they will turn out really great! I also was able to visit the the Anacostia Community Museum and learn about what they are working on. This internship has allowed me to meet amazing people and hear their stories. It has really turned into a family here with the people I work with. I’ve been making new friendships and having so much fun with the people that I work with!  

Me on the cold and rainy hike to Wolf Rock!

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