New Adventures

Hey everyone, my name is Gabriel Dobbins.  I am 22 years old and a recent graduate from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have a B.A in Anthropology and Archaeology.  This summer I will be working in Colorado National Monument.  We will be conducting an archaeological survey on the White Rocks area, a prehistoric rock art site.  This past summer I was in a field school in Peru doing archaeological excavations so I am pretty excited to go into something brand new in a whole different neck of the woods! I have never been to Colorado so I am taking this as a new and exciting opportunity to learn more about the state and the park I will be working in. I am originally from High Point, North Carolina, about 15 minutes from Greensboro if you aren’t from the area. I am an avid sports fan (primarily soccer), however, I love playing and watching all kinds of sports and am always willing to try something new. My favorite thing to do is to travel to new places.  Meeting new people, trying new foods, and attempting to learn a new language are only some of the things I get to do while traveling.  There is a lot of culture to learn about and experiences to be had that can only be obtained by being there in person. I have had the privilege of going to Europe, Peru, and Mexico all of which are wildly different! I cannot wait to see what Colorado offers and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity the Latino Heritage Internship Program has given me!

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