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What’s going on everyone! I hope everyone reading this is having an amazing day. A recap on my week. The KLGO had Susan Bonfield come visit the park. She is the Director of Environment for the Americas. She came to one of my historical walking tours. At the end, she treated both me and Katlyn (Mosaic intern) to lunch. It was an amazing chicken tender’s basket and a great conversation. After we went on a little hike to spot some birds, took pictures, and enjoyed sunny Skagway. Work wise I started my next LHIP project, which is to translate the Jr. Ranger Activity Booklet into Spanish for the Spanish speaking visitors of the park. I am excited to complete this task to foster more Spanish speakers and Latinos to become the next generation of stewards.

(Really amazing flower made out of glass)

Personally, I attended the Rhubarb festival. I tried a Rhubarb pie for the first time. That thing was super sour. I tried it, but it was not my thing. It was interesting to see people compete to determine the winner of the biggest rhubarb plant. Also, I challenged myself to hike AB mountain. This is a 12-mile hike that goes up to 5,000 feet. Let me tell you. It was exhausting, but I pushed myself to the summit. The summit was filled with mosquitos that practically ate me alive, but nonetheless, I conquered the mountain. It was also the fourth of July. Back in Los Angeles, we celebrate fourth of July because it brings families together. Being away from home for the first time during this holiday was kind of hard. I felt like I did not belong being out in the parade because I do not look like a typical “American.” Nonetheless, I went out there and pushed past the discomfort to see how others celebrated their independence.

(Independence Day in the KLGO) 

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