My Work from Home Experience in Expanding SEAC’s Comparative Collections

Over the past few weeks working at SEAC, I have developed a morning routine that consists of me pouring myself a cup of coffee and heading straight to the “office” to start my day at work. However, the office is my desk at my apartment!

For the first two weeks at SEAC I have worked on expanding their lithics comparative collection. Then in the third week, I shifted to working on cataloging and expanding their shell comparative collection! Before starting at SEAC, I learned in university that shells were very significant in archaeological excavations because the shells can reveal important information about the inhabitant’s lifestyle and culture. Before SEAC, I never thought critically about the importance of shells, or the abundance of different species that inhabit these shells. Now that I am working on cataloging their comparative collection, I am excited to learn and investigate more about what these shells can reveal about the past!

I also have been working on the Latino Conservation Week project for SEAC! I hope to engage the Latino community through online videos! These videos would help explain what archaeology is, how to get involved in SEAC (and archaeology in general), and what are the steps of becoming an archaeologist. Since Covid-19, in-person events cannot happen, I hope these videos can engage the Latino community and help inspire volunteering or even pursuing a career in archaeology! I also hope to bring in interviews and testimonies from Latino archaeologists! These interviews would allow Latino archaeologists to share their experiences, struggles, and accomplishments within the field. The Interviews would also allow for the Latino archaeologists to share advice on how they got into the field!

Throughout my time at SEAC I have been able to learn and contribute through their comparative collections and I look forward to the rest of the summer!

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