My thoughts on Concord and fresh cheese

Hi! Hello!

I hope you are all well and staying safe. There is some much going on and being away from home makes me wish things were different. That however does not change the fact that I am excited to be here, and that video chat has never been ever more present in my life. I have officially been here over a couple of days almost a week, but for now I want to talk about how last week went:

I left home last Tuesday and traveled from New Jersey (NJ) to Massachusetts (MA), made one stop. I stopped by a grocery store on my way to Concord and was nervous to walk around, staying six feet away at all times is challenging. During that stop, I put on hand sanitizer before and after, wore a mask, and made sure to keep the appropriate distance from everyone. I was on the lookout for something to drink, until I saw in the refrigerator section Mexican/Latin American products (gromex, tropical, queso fresco, and crema). I was surprised to see this at a random stop in Connecticut. I almost wanted to stop and take a picture to show my parents (I didn’t). I bought a can of soda and left. 

Arriving at Concord, I did not realize how beautiful it was going to be. Google street view and in person are two different things.Then I saw the inn that I would be staying and I was even more shocked. It is bigger than the apartment I live in back home. I was grateful to be given the chance to live here during my time at Minute Man National Historical Park. Early next morning, I was in front of the North Bridge. The feeling was nostalgic, especially during these times. I remembered geeking out with my friends back in 6th grade about US history on our trip to D.C. I felt lucky to be here. 

I met Margie, who has been very helpful and gave me some tips on where to get food. I was given a quick tour of some areas around the park and learned about some invasive species (e.g. Japanese knotweed) in the area when dropping off my car rental. I am always surprised by the differences between cities and small towns. Constant car horns are replaced with bird chirps. The night time is always a little more darker. People have preferences but I like both. Which brings me to that one afternoon on the porch when I was reading a book (an autobiography full of humor). As I looked up ahead at the intersection, the trees were rustling, a nice breeze came along, and I thought to myself…I should have bought fresh cheese and corn tortillas when I had the chance.

It is always an adjustment moving from one place to another even if it is temporary. I am however thankful and beyond grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of this internship and being given the permission to travel during uncertain times. Everyone here has been so kind and helpful. It has been a memorable first week and I can’t wait to go out to the field. 

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