My Last Week in El Malpais

Hi Everyone!

This is my last week in El Malpais and I’m sad that I will be going soon. I was fortunate enough to be able to have such a fun time this past week. Being able to not only visit New Mexico but also Denver, Colorado has made this summer one of the best ones I’ve had yet. Meeting everyone else that was part of LHIP was amazing because I got to hear the all about the projects they did this summer. It was a packed 4 days but it was all worth it. I made some great new friends that I hope will keep in touch even when time goes by. I want to thank all the LHIP staff for putting in so much work to make this workshop happen. Without I don’t think I would’ve been able to see how beautiful Denver is anytime soon. Going to this workshop helped me in so many ways because I was surrounded by people I can relate with in so many ways and connect with them in ways I couldn’t with others. Everyone was so positive and encouraging, that I’m happy I was able to meet them.

I had so much fun. I had fun going out to eat with Josue and Jonathon. I was able to get to know them better and we explored around the area and joked around. Another fun activity I did was walking to a stream in YMCA with a group of the LHIP interns. Hearing Sammy’s story about how his family came from Mexico to Alabama was something I’ll remember because it reminds me of my family’s story. All the activities that we did was such an amazing experience and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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