My First Ranger Program

“Rancheros.” Mexico, Aztec, Spanish and Republican, Vol 2. 1852

Hello Everyone,

So I have some news to share that I’m pretty happy about. My supervisor here has been super open to me doing basically whatever I want and has been helping out. So I’m going to get to do my own ranger program, which is very exciting.

In fact, I just did a trial run with a few park visitors because there was a ranger program scheduled today but nobody was available to do one. So I got to come off the bench today and give my program. I’m honestly pretty proud of it, too. It’s fairly original and unique, and definitely Latino oriented.

My program is about the history of the Rancheros in Point Reyes, and how they laid all the groundwork for the farmers that came later and and then had it taken away from them. These people were entrepreneurs taking advantage of the Mexican land grant system, and came to this new area to make a profit and give their children better lives. (Sound familiar?) I focus on their culture and rich history, and ask the visitors why did what happened happen? Was it moral? And at what point does business become personal? Today’s audience was small but still interactive, which is a good sign because I’ll be doing a more refined version on July 14th for Latino Conservation Week. I am very happy about that, but it will be a little weird since that’s also Bastille Day, but most people won’t even notice. It is a good opportunity to learn about the park’s hidden figures, and for me to highlight these guy’s achievements.

The point that I’m trying make with this is that these were successful businessmen from over 200 years ago. Latinos, historically, have always been destined for success in new areas; it’s only when others come to take advantage of them that they struggle, but without interference they are successful. So it is in every little brown boys’ and girls’ blood to be destined for something far more than just being a maid, mechanic or construction worker. Historically speaking, we are meant for greater things in life, and without interference can do pretty much anything. The game has certainly changed since the time of the Rancheros 200 years ago, but our creative instinct is still the same…so we can be better than even them. It’s our nature.


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