My final days in DC

For my last week in the office, I was able to assist in a training and to collect and finalize my project elements to be sent to the Library of Congress. 

I was given the opportunity to help teach a HABS training for Historic Black College and University (HBCU) students. The premise of the training was to introduce the students not only to traditional hand-drawing documentation but also to laser scanning and photogrammetry. We allowed for the students to see the benefits and drawbacks of each method based off of which projects they are working on. It also gives them a look into how they are used in professional practice.

The 3-day training started with introductions at the Woodrow Wilson house and then moved to the Decatur House(the headquarters of the White house Association) and other locations around DC.


The students rotated stations over two days to get hands on experience in documenting. The final day of the training took place in the Department of Interior building where the students were taught how to transfer their collected documents and data into virtual systems that can be used to create HABS documentation sets. I was also given the opportunity to talk to them about my work this summer and the various internships and opportunities that HDP has to offer.

My last week involved gathering all the documentation that needed to be sent to the Library of Congress with my drawing set. Once the supporting documents were printed, all I had to do was print the final drawing set copies that would be physically sent to the Prints and Photographs division where the HABS/HAER/HALS collection is located. Being able to see my drawings printed at such a large format and put in the drawer to be sent to the library is such a huge accomplishment. One that would not have been possible without the HDP staff (especially Paul Davidson and Robert Arzola) and LHIP. And as my last blog post I want to say that I look forward to the future that I have in the “forever” business.

My 3D point cloud animation can be found at

My final model can be found at

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