My favorite part of the internship

Hello Again,

I am over halfway through my architectural internship in Washington, DC at the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) office in the Department of Interior – Stewart Lee Udall Building.

My favorite part of this internship is creating the floor plans and elevations of the building I am focusing on. My days have consisted of making a floor plan and elevations from the scanned data that was collected from my site visit in Rio Vista Farm, TX. 

Every day I get closer to making architectural drawings that reflect the current condition of the Rio Vista Farm. The building has aged a lot and has holes in the roof, so my drawings must reflect the current condition of an aged building. In addition, I also have to recreate the doors that I measured on the site in my drawings. I will say that I will never look at a door the same way after this internship because of the amount of detail that is involved.

Yesterday, I completed my south elevation and I am now working on my final elevation on the east side. I am quite proud of the the architectural experience I have gained so far.

I’ve also completed most of my presentation board. It feels good to compartmentalize everything I have learned and experienced into a document that summarizes everything. I hope to be able to explain my experience well to others at the end of the program.

Finally, my other favorite part of the internship is getting a second cup of coffee in the afternoon. Since I stare at a screen for several hours a day doing a very detail-oriented process, the second coffee helps reenergize me to look at a screen for a little longer.

The picture you see is the gable roof that I am currently completing. In it, you can see the individually made adobe bricks that make up the wall. It may seem simple but a lot of attention was given to accurately represent what the wall looks.



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