Monsoon and Lightning

Saludos, So I have story for y’all. We had our second Full Moon Night last Saturday and it was all going really well at first; the parking was going really smoothly and the music started to play. There was lightning we could see, but it didn’t seem like it was going to come near us… or so we thought. The lightning got closer to us and slowly it started to rain…and then it started to pour hard. Chaos followed as the equipment from the show was quickly put away and the cars all wanted to leave at once. It took about an hour for the rain to stop, but the lightning kept going and cars were backed up about six miles and onto the freeway. It was a night to remember for sure, and now I have a fun story to tell people.

A sign about bats in Carlsbad Caverns

In better news, my friends from home in California came to visit me over the weekend and we went to Carlsbad Caverns, which is a couple hours from White Sands, and it was sooo amazing. I had been to another cave the year before in Oregon, but this one took the cake on impressiveness. It was giant and the stalactite and stalagmite structures were ┬ámassive. I couldn’t believe that I was 750 feet below ground. I want to visit even more places in the area, maybe this weekend with my sister.

Me in the UTV going to the backcountry

Then yesterday, I continued my shadowing days of different departments and I went out with the Resources crew who does the research work and maintains the health of the park. My favorite part was riding through the sand dunes on a UTV, going up and down. It was like a ride. Out there they showed me more of the mammoth tracks and I got to see Alkali Flat. It was fun to spend the day out in the backcountry that almost no one else gets to see. Tomorrow I shadow the Facilities people who keep the park clean, and that should be a cool different kind of day as well. ~Angelica

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