Mom! I’m going to DC!

Hello everyone!

To be honest with you guys I really had to think about what to talk for this one. I mean what else could I talk about? And I figured you know what? Let’s talk about DC! This is my first time traveling without my family. And while I love to travel, I really don’t like the actual “traveling” aspect of it… in other words roadtrips and airplanes are not my thing. Airports can be a little intimidating at times with all these people and rules and regulations and on top of that you have to make sure you don’t lose your belongings or your flight. However, even though those things aren’t my favorite, I think it makes getting to your destination that much better! I’ve never gone to DC before and I’ve heard from my supervisors and coworkers that there is a lot to see! I hope to make friends with more of the interns and hopefully go to a few of museums and what not. I’ve been eyeing a few bakeries and cafes, and I’m hoping I get the chance to go to those. With DC being the capitol of the contry there is so many things to see! My supervisor Erin was nice enough to lend me 2 books about DC as she was telling me that there are a lot of things, especially when she found out we were only going to be there for 5 days. Even though our schedule for DC is going to be packed, I still do hope that I can explore the place and experience a lot of things. It will technically be my first time traveling alone so I hope that I really enjoy that, and it pushes me to want to travel to more places in the future by myself.  

The books my supervisor let me borrow about DC
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