Misty Mount, Maryland

Hello guys! A few weeks ago LHIP/National Park Service gave me the opportunity to be part of another project, but this one is located in Misty Mount, Maryland. I learned so much from this trip that I want it to share you! So, as a reminder from my first blog, I’m working for Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS), what I do is document the historic buildings; taking field notes is like hand sketching, take many pictures of the building and laser scanning. For me is very important to know two forms of documentation; field notes and laser scanning. And with this two projects I’ve taken an amazing experience and knowledge by far. Project #2 In this wood houses I help with laser scanning two houses, the process of doing laser scanning is a little bit hard at the beginning but then I learned more how it works. You need to be responsable of moving the poles for the machine so it can take all the right angles  to connect it for the 3-D model that it would be  used to draw it up. Although is fun to be in the site because you can learn from the historic buildings, the culture and why it’s important to documentate it. Except when it rains because ruins our laser scan day.               I also took documentation of the weather, the status of the poles and the laser scanning because we need to register it for the employees who are drawing these wood houses in the computer and for other people who are interest in investigate about this buildings.   Thanks for reading!  

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