Hello Everyone,

One more week until Latino Conservation Week, and also being halfway through my internship. I’m very excited to do my ranger program that I talked about last time, on the history of the Point Reyes Rancheros. I’ve been advertising it a lot lately, and hope a good number of people will show up.

I went to my Mom’s the other day and found my Dad’s great uncle’s old Tilma, so that will be fun to let people see and try on during the program. It’s really old wool, though, so it’s super itchy. But it should still be fun for people to see that if they never have before.

In other news, the bird publication for the park is well underway. The photo above was taken by one of the photographers here, and we have decided to use that photo for the cover page of the publication. When talking about what we wanted on there, I asked everyone their ideas and they all wanted a different bird. Eventually I made an executive decision and it’s a Red-tailed Hawk, which there are a bunch of out here, so I think it’s appropriate. All in all, everything is good here. I got my flight itinerary for when we all have to go to Colorado, so that was a big realization. It’s coming up, so I look forward to meeting everyone.


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