Hey friends! Hope your 4th of July week/weekend was great! Words cannot even describe how much fun I am having here in Wyomin11377317_10153361584471885_7526241690902203603_ng. Monday was a fairly regular day here at the LRS Preserve. Long lines of cars, hundreds of visitors, and a lot of heat. The days are always filled with lots of activities and definitely lots and lots of smiles and laughter, so one could say it never gets boring. That evening was also our CPR training night. Aside from passing my CPR test, the class in itself was fun. It was a great group and many of my friends were in the class, not to mention my supervisor teaching it, so never was there a dull moment. Wednesday afternoon, as part of our Naturalist Nerd Night, a group of us got together and kayaked the Jackson Lake Dam all the way to Pacific Creek. It was so great to hang out outside of work and laugh with each other and see some spectacular wildlife. Even though we didn’t get to see any bears, we did see some very friendly beavers who would swim right up to us. We also got to spot a Bald Eagle, a Great Blue Heron, and some Common Mergansers. 988581_10153361583711885_215032432293440913_n 4th of July was quite amazing. Aside from it being my favorite holiday, it was so great to be able to enjoy it here in Wyoming and see the fireworks with such a spectacular view of the mountain range. A group of us interns and park employees had a small get together in the evening and then we all headed into Jackson to watch the fireworks from Snow King Mountain. Afterwards we headed back to Beaver Creek where we live and had a bonfire with some of the other employees from the north park of the national park who           decided to join us. It was great to be able to catch up and talk about the different programs we’re 20091_10153361583881885_8771336658284147847_ngiving and how much we’ve learned since when we first arrived in May. Overall, I would say it was a pretty sweet week and the memories I’m making here are definitely going to be remembered for a long, long time. Hasta Pronto! ☺

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