Melissa Nunez

Hello everyone! My name is Melissa Nunez. I am 21 years old and a recent graduate of St. Joseph’s College in New York with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in History.  I live on Long Island—that suburban area that extends east of New York City that some may be familiar with— and will be interning at Fire Island National Seashore. Growing up on Long Island and appreciating the beautiful natural resources that comprise it, is a major reason I am so excited to begin my work at Fire Island. Research and community outreach are crucial components to educate others and promote the rich historical, ecological and scientific aspects of Fire Island, while encouraging increased diversity among park employees and visitors. I may pursue a graduate degree in Museum Studies and am looking forward to the unique opportunities and professional experience this internship will provide. I cannot wait to get to work and gain experience and knowledge in maritime history, archival work and the day to day operations of the seashore. I’m excited to meet and shadow different professionals and observe the many roles and occupations that are essential to keeping the park running for Long Island residents and other visitors. I am truly excited for this summer, and the wonderful opportunity to learn more about and enjoy the natural wonders that make up my home!

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