Meeting new people – Jade Bravo

One of the great opportunities that this internship provides is getting to interact and work with so many new people and that couldn’t be more true than at the Denver Service Center’s Planning division. While almost every day I was greeted with new faces within the division for new projects, I had the chance to get to know a few of their stories and career paths through informational interviews with several DSC members from a variety of specialties. Each person’s story is different but I noticed that a love for the outdoors and the national parks was a common reason they decided to pursue a career at this agency, and I completely get it! I learned that there are a lot of paths to getting to the DSC from working in the park service for decades or fresh out of an internship (like me!) before navigating the complicated federal job hiring process, Most of the people I had conversations with had only been with the DSC for no more than a few years so they knew exactly what I am going through and the position I’m currently in, which for me, was encouraging and reassuring that I’m on the right path! Of the many people I met, I was pleasantly surprised to find a Dartmouth alum working for the DSC! ‘Round the girdled earth they roam’ – as we like to say!

Interview with Faith Wetly, Landscape Architect Fellow, who just finished her internship with the DSC!

Just wanted to share a picture from my trip to Atlanta with the DSC team! The park had a special butterfly exhibit and this hungry bug was loving my nectar-soaked sponge!

Butterfly Encounter exhibit, Chattahoochee Nature Center, Chattahoochee National Recreation Area

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