Meadow Man y Sapos Sapos Sapos

This week I left for a five day back country toad survey. My supervisor Molly and I packed our bags with warm clothes and gear and packed our bear canisters with enough food for the trip. The pack might have weighed at least 45 pounds. I was not sure what to expect, but for sure I knew I was a little out of shape. My supervisor and I both came up with songs that had toads and meadows as the theme of the song. Meadow man was one of the songs, and in it we were able to squeeze in sapos sapos sapos. Man, if only I could describe the beauty of the meadows that we surveyed. They are beautiful and full of life. We bushwhacked our way into them since we want to survey meadows that are away from human activity. So this means that I will be alone for most of my work. I hope I can stay sane by myself for eight days in the back country. Tonight I am heading to Sal’s taco truck with a co-worker. Hopefully these Yosemite tacos are somewhat decent. If not, I am heading to Fresno this weekend and I know I will stuff my face with some good cultural food. Maybe I will hit up the local swap meets and get a mangoneada.

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