Meadow Man Journey Begins

The El Portal Community Center has been my new house for the past three days. I attended a two-day Wilderness First Aid training course that was administered by the National Outdoor Leadership School. This was a great program that taught us how to administer first aid and life saving techniques in the back country. After that we had a general meeting for the Resource Management and Science division of Yosemite National Park. We met a whole bunch of people from vegetation management, owl surveyors, etc. From the looks of it, everybody is excited to go on their surveys. We have a Bull Frog team, at Turtle team, a Fish team, and a solo Toad team (me)! The fear that I felt about being in the back country has dissipated, and my excitement has triumphed. Today I am in the office preparing myself for my first official solo back country trip. I head out tomorrow in the morning and will have to hike in two miles from the trailhead. This trip is a short four-day solo trip. It will surely prepare me for the upcoming eight-day trips for the season.

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