Maya Rodríguez – Adventure on the eastern shore!

This week, on July 23, I went on a trip to the Eastern shore to travel to different national parks and staple surveys on their billboards. When we got there, we met with the park rangers, who were happy to answer any questions and assist us with our surveys. I noticed how young my team seemed to these seasoned park rangers, since we were all in our early twenties. I’m sure for these rangers, it was nice to see young people really taking initiative in the future of park service. The rangers were super kind and explained the importance and beauty of their park. Janes Island Park is a quiet natural space where many campers go to fish and to enjoy the tranquility. We saw numerous camping cars and tents when we got there, and took a nice walk around to see all of the park’s offerings. When we found the billboard, we got straight to work and start hammering the surveys onto the board.

This trip was one of the highlights of my internship. It was so much fun to just travel to different national parks and see the different amenities and benefits each has to offer. Janes Island is much smaller than some of the other parks we visited, yet it was a perfect quiet spot to fish. Unfortunately our peace did not last long, as it started to thunder storm when we were having lunch. We had to speed to our cars to escape the storm’s wrath. We decided to head back after a long day and we spent the hour long car ride summering our trip and possible upcoming trips to other parks. Overall, it was a great time with great people and I could not imagine my internship without moments like these.

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