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Hello there!

It is week twelve of my internship and sadly this will be my last entry.

Let me tell you, this summer I have felt like the star of a coming of age movie. Not your ordinary movie though, since if there was one it would be me in my home the whole time… Anyways, enough of my bad jokes!   I want to share some thoughts on my last assignment. My translation of the Junior Ranger Book was an enriching experience that broadened my vision of the large variety of words that can be found within the same vast Latino culture. When I decided to translate, I thought it was just changing words from one language to another. Simple enough right? WRONG! During the process I realized that I had to think about the different ways in which a word is said in different places in Latin America. Secondly, I had to put myself in the children’s shoes to understand how they would feel and react to what I was writing. I also remembered how I perceived things and imagined how another child from another country could perceive them. This task improved my vocabulary and allowed me to appreciate my perspective as well as that of a child.  This extended my range of knowledge and my ability to understand the variety of children I might encounter in a classroom in my future as an educator. I feel that my way of approaching diversity has also evolved for the better. Reflecting on this experience reassured my vocation to be a teacher because I know that is my calling.

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