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Hi Everyone & Greetings From Walnut Canyon National Monument!

With every blog post I write, I get a little sad as it means I’m getting closer towards the end of my internship here with the Flagstaff Area National Monuments. While I do work at three National Monuments, Walnut Canyon, Sunset Crater Volcano, and Wupatki, I spend a majority of my time at Walnut Canyon. As I’m coming up on the half way mark of my internship here at Walnut Canyon, I realize that I could not have been more lucky to have the opportunity to work at such a unique place with such an amazing team! Over the past couple weeks, I have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people to help with the park operations and interpretation programs. Over that time, some people have sadly left, while others have joined our team. The team has undergone changes, but the dynamic of a hard working family dedicated to protect and preserve our public lands has never changed!

The supervisor at Walnut Canyon and Myself
Some of the amazing people working at Walnut Canyon

In addition to spending time with these amazing people, this past week I got to spend more time with Teddy, one of Walnut Canyons Rock Squirrels. As we are in the spring season, many flowers have began to blossom. One such flower is the Cliffrose (Purshia Mexicana), which Rock Squirrels like Teddy love to smell and eat! Walnut Canyon has so many unique and amazing species that occupy it, so I’ll make sure to keep you posted on the beautiful wildlife that call Walnut Canyon home!

Stop to smell the flowers
Stop to eat the flowers?

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Until next time, keep enjoying life and explore your National Parks!

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