Sheila Garcia

Lights, Camera, Chesapeake! “Lost in the Parks”

Sheila Garcia

Lost in the Parks 

Chesapeake will get its lead role this summer!

But, before I get started on telling you all about the BIG news, I want to share the background story.
I had a virtual meeting with Mathew John, Audio Production Specialist for the National Park Service. I shared about
my journey as an outdoor enthusiast, my educational background and passion for environmental science and he
shared his experience with the National Park Service, his background and how he has accomplished many of his
dreams! So, we set up a follow up meeting and let me tell you, wonderful things are in the making for my final
project, and I could have not been where I am now without Mathew!

I talked with Mathew about feeling lost with the direction of my project. I discussed how passionate I am about
culture and the outdoors and how I did not know exactly how I was going to be successful in writing a literature
review on a community I will most likely not get to interact with this summer. Since I am working from home, I have
been interacting virtually with the wonderful staff in many parks here in the West Coast, trying to research and
assemble ideas on how we can better engage the LatinX community, but the most important thing is missing. I am
not able to reach and interact with my audience at the moment. This made me feel lost. I was beginning to doubt
my capability. Mathew listened and suggested something wonderful! He admired the fact that I was doing this work
all the way from California and told me, “Let’s make a video vlog. Let’s continue with your project, let’s have the
same goal, but instead of a literature review, or apart from the literature review, let’s document and record the
interviews you are having with the California partners and turn it into an emotional but empowering video that will
bring media attention to not just you and your project, but that will shed light on Lostness.” We decided to name the
video Lost in the Parks, and if that is not brilliant, I do not know what brilliant is! Mathew and I decided to go further
with the video, which hopefully someday can become a series. Overall, we want the video to truly capture my
experience, my project, and my feelings, all while also spreading awareness, gaining advocates and encouraging

Lost in the Parks will focus on three categories to tie in the overall theme: 1. Feeling lost with the overall direction of
my internship, 2. The NPS/Chesapeake Bay difficulty helping me connect with the parks from a distance, due to
COVID, and 3. The NPS struggling to connect and engage the LatinX community. 
Also, I have to admit, that I am a bit starstruck, because if you have not already checked out Mathew’s work, I highly
encourage you to watch his content. His video “Yeah, We’re Beautiful” is amazing. He is truly one of the most
talented individuals I have ever worked with, and I am beyond grateful that I have the opportunity to work with him
this summer. I cannot wait to see the finished project. Next blog, I will shed more light on the amazing work Mathew
has done and how our project is coming along!

Thanks for tuning in this week! West Coast Girl…Sheila.

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