LHIP Workshop

The 3 day LHIP conference in Colorado was amazing. By far the best part was seeing all the interns for the first time after reading about them for the past 2 months. I liked how we were all squished together, with our luggage, in the van. It literally brought us closer. Meeting Carlos, a successful Latino who focuses on advancing Latino youth, was a real honor. I learned how to work with millennials and the older generation. I felt motivated to keep progressing after hearing Carlos’ talk. While it felt a bit overwhelming being at the NPS headquarter the whole day, it was well worth it. I gained knowledge on how to effectively apply for federal jobs and met a lot of influential people. It was refreshing and motivating hanging around with like minded people for 3 days. I was able to discuss the current relationships Latinos have with parks and its possible future. We each offered our own interpretations while also gaining new ones. Without this internship I would never have had the opportunity to meet all these awesome people. I will continue to keep in contact with them and I know that each one of us will have a successful life.

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