LHIP Summit Weekend 2018

Perhaps one of the most eye-opening and incredible experiences of the LHIP program this summer was attending the LHIP summit in Colorado where I got to know all of the other amazing people that are part of this program, as well as more about the LHIP program.

I knew that there were interns that had been placed in National Park Service sites all over the country, but after spending a weekend with the whole group, I started seeing the bigger picture and how I fit into it. Even though I had prior experience with the National Park Service, this program helped to elucidate the role of the organization as a whole, as it pertains to the preservation and conservation of the natural, archaeological, and cultural resources of this country.

I’ve known for a long time that our Parks have been an attraction for many international travelers, and after learning about all the different parks and what they offer I started to get a glimpse as to why. There is such an overwhelmingly beautiful and diverse landscape over every part of the country.

The National Park Service is a vessel to preserve the stories preserved in the land. After gaining a deeper understanding the current narratives that are weaved into the official messaging, it becomes clear that many aspects of that narrative no longer serves our country as it is today. The current narratives are still far from doing justice to the stories preserved in the land and the stories of our people (the American people as whole). Up until now, much of the narrative of this land has been omitted and revised. We know this today and I sincerely hope from the deepest parts of my soul (and I know its not just me) that the current narrative can be shifted over the coming years to be more historically accurate and honor the history of this land and the American people in a good way for future generations to know and reflect on.

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