Lewis and Clark Update

After two weeks, staff training is now over. I enjoyed learning gun safety, CPR, and kayaking with all 50 staff members of the park. Now, it’s nice to  begin working on my own projects. My internship is divided into two parts: interpretation and cultural resources. For interpretation, I will be adapting current public programs into Spanish and creating new programs that will relate better with the Latino community. One idea I’m playing around is incorporating a nature loteria, which is similar to bingo, in our nature walks Since the majority of Latino people have some familiarity or knowledge of playing the game, it will serve as an easy transition to the park and its trails. Each square will have an object from nature like a tree, flower, or animal. Once we start our nature trail they will need to keep an eye out and find it. Working with the cultural resources, I will be assisting with cataloging collections and developing a more modern exhibit for our visitor center. Next month I will also be a camp counselor for a nature camp for 4th graders and a survival camp for 6th-8th graders. I’m creating new activities for the children to participate in, ranging from fire starting to hunting and sewing. Since we still need to fill some spaces for our upcoming camp, I have been going to town to post flyers, both in English and Spanish, to attract more participants.

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