Lewis and Clark at a Glance

My ten weeks at the Lewis and Clark National Historic Park will be jam packed with a lot of fun and adventures. These first two weeks I will be training to lead interpretation programs, reenact rifle shots, and lead kayak tours along the Columbia river! The staff is great. Currently there are 20 staff members in the whole park, but by the end of the month that number will more than double. The park offers more than 15 miles of hiking trails that range from ocean to forest. This weekend I’ll have the opportunity to explore some of those trails. There’s a 6 mile trail called “Fort to Sea” which starts at the Fort Lewis and Clark. This is where some of the group lived during the winter months. The trail ends at the mouth of the Pacific Ocean. What I’m really excited about is the two overnight camp programs next month. For two weeks I will be a counselor for students from 4th grade all the way to 9th grade. The programs will range from basic environmental science to outdoor survival skills. I will be engaging with the local Latino community to let them know and encourage them to sign up for the camping program. There is a growing population of Latinos in Astoria, Oregon. 1 in 4 school children is of Latino background. Even with a growing population, it is hard to contact the families because they are┬ábusy with work. This is the first week, and I can’t wait for what lies ahead.

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