Let’s go 1,600 Miles West

I graduated. Now what? More than half way across the country, an opportunity to intern with the National Park Service through LHIP was one of the best transitional positions I could have been offered as I now move onto the “real word.” I’m thrilled for a new adventure, nervous about relocating to a place where I know absolutely no one, but ready to take on the challenges that come my way. I studied architecture but have always been active in the marketing, public relations, and graphic design of the many organizations I was involved with on grounds at UVA  (Fun Fact: We call our campus “grounds” —just one of those funny UVA traditions!). With that, I was more than ready to take a professional position doing what I enjoy the most: outreach and youth programming. Although my degree is in architecture, I foresee using this to much of my advantage during my time in Denver. I am originally from Ecuador and immigrated to the U.S. when I was about two years old. Coming from a humble household and as a first generation college student, the University of Virginia offered me a full ride to attend their institution —a true blessing for my parents and me. With that in mind, I have taken advantage of many opportunities during my time at UVA  to make the most out of my educational experience. I have visited over ten countries including Jamaica, Norway, Italy, and India. I love traveling and learning about new customs which helps me broaden my thinking and understanding of the world. I have never been to Colorado before, or anywhere in the Midwest, so this will prove to be an exciting adventure that even my parents are a bit scared about. Stay tuned for my arrival to Colorado next week! I look forward to bringing you updates about my experience in Denver with the National Park Service, LHIP, and beyond! Facebook Instagram

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