Let’s Get the Show on the Road!

The second week of training is finally done. I cannot say whether or not I am ready to jump behind the information desk of one of the most populated national parks in the country. I simply won’t know until I am there in the heat of the moment. I am nervous, but also extremely excited! I cannot wait to incorporate the amazing geological, historical, and ecological facts that I have learned in just my short time here into my educational programs. The training has been a complete roller coaster of boredom and intrigue. I am not going to lie; sitting in a dark room and listening to lectures about safety and clothing regulations is hard. The active and scientific parts of the past two weeks have taught me a ton and have really prepared me for the position I’m about to fill. As of now I am CPR-certified, have found two volunteer opportunities around the park for my days off, and have met people who I look up to and can utilize as mentors throughout my summer here. During my off time I have been bonding with the other interns that live in the historical cabins with me. We spend our nights playing board games, sitting around the fire pit located in our front yard, and hiking. Our off days have been spent either hiking into the canyon or driving 1.5 hours to go grocery shopping.  It has been a great and humbling experience getting to know such a wide range of people from all backgrounds. I am sitting in the courtyard shaded by native desert flora and typing while waiting to attend my last responsibility before the weekend, an ice cream party! Monday I officially start as an environmental educator, and while I feel nervous I truly cannot wait.   

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