Lessons Learned

Hello again, 

I am halfway through my architectural internship in Washington, DC at the Historic American Building Survey (HABS) office in the Department of Interior – Stewart Lee Udall Building.

I have picked up new skills in software that was unfamiliar to me previously, such as; PTGui, Nikkon XD, and TruView. I’ve also learned how to use AutoCAD in new ways. There was bit of a learning curve and the speed at which I had to learn was not something that I am used to.

As part of the process of creating a #D model of the site, The project had to be divided up and I’ve had to focus on different small parts of the project that will later on come together. Every day, I look at the Rio Vista Farm buildings from a new angle.

The work has been split between me and another LHIP intern. I am currently studying and drawing one particular building of the site by using the data that we collected from the scanner. The amount of work I have put in has allowed me to understand every small detail of this building.

Im looking forward to presenting on it soon and explain the progress I have made along the way.

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