Legacy – Introducing My Project for 2022

The things we do, our actions, can leave a lasting impression on the places we visit and the people we meet, so we must be cognizant and meaningful in our actions. When I first arrived at Point Reyes National Seashore, I knew I had a limited amount of time to make a meaningful impact here, especially now as I already find myself halfway through my internship. These past few weeks have really pushed me to reflect on what I hope to leave behind here at my site!

As a result of this, I have decided to focus my project on aiding with the revitalization of the Morgan Horse Ranch. My goal is to create a program where rangers can lead visitors on a guided hike where they can share park and ranch history and ultimately have it culminate at the foot of the Morgan Horse Ranch where visitors can interact with the stock animals found there, whether that be through riding demonstrations or even hands on grooming. I believe that this kind of interpretive program will allow for visitors to not only get a small taste of what our site has to offer, but also interact with resources in a way they may never have.

California Quail resting on a Trailhead sign with foliage in the background.

As I have learned in the past week or so, expediting the creation of a program can be difficult, but by utilizing already existing resources, such as a hike that already leads to the ranch and activities that were successful in previous events, I should be able to create a program that, again, is all encompassing of the site. In addition to this, using my undergraduate education in Spanish, I hope to lead the program in Spanish to broaden the reach of the resources our park has to offer. As daunting as this all is to me, I think I am in a good position as I have the support of the staff here at the site who will help guide me through this process and the confidence necessary to push forward.

In doing all this, I hope to bring a breath of fresh air into not only the Morgan horse ranch, but also a trail that does not see much visitation as it often overshadowed by other, more frequented trails in the area. I hope that the steps I am taking now allow for the revitalization of a resource at our site that has gone under the radar under the years and allows visitors to experience something knew!

Red barn building with walkway leading to it at the Morgan Horse Ranch.

I’m excited to continue planning my program out, and even more excited to see it come to fruition and leave a lasting impact!

-Francisco Vazquez

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