What’s going on everyone! Excuse me for the hiatus, but things in the KLGO have been hectic in a good way. I’ve been focusing on developing a historical tour that focuses on the “Women of the Klondike.” Remember our motto is “Go Big or Go Home,” therefore, I titled my program “Nasty Women.” This is a political statement, and one that gives a voice to the voices the Victorian era silenced. My walking tour focuses on how actions are acts of resistance. For example, 3,000 women made the journey up north for the thrill, the adventure, the hope of a better life, and to challenge societal norms. Y’all in the mood for a quick history lesson? Yes, good. So, Ma Pullen became one of the most influential and richest woman of the Klondike. She was a mother of 3, who came with only $7 in her pocket. However, she knew how to do two things well. She knew how to cook, but most importantly, she knew how to handle horses. She eventually ended up working for Captain Moore (builder of the White Pass Trail) and he supplemented her income with apples. So, she began making apple pies, which gave her enough money to eventually construct one of the most luxuries hotels in the state of Alaska. What is her legacy now? She has the Pullen Creek named after her in Skagway and a beautiful example of entrepreneurship. 

(Canadian Art)  

On a personal note. Other interns and I made our way to Whitehorse, Canada. We got to explore Parks Canada S.S. Klondike Gold Rush museum. We got to enjoy that good old Canadian McDonalds as well. We got the Fish and Chips combo. It was amazing! We got to explore the parks and enjoy the sunshine. Skip rocks on the lake. Well, I tried to skip rocks because apparently, I am not very good at it. It was also the week of the Summer Solstice, which means the sun won’t be setting. Got to experience the Skagway bands and played a little soccer to get the blood flowing. With my fellow coworkers, we went on amazing hikes in the Tonga’s forest and grilled up some meals. Alright y’all stay tune for more Edgar Shenanigans coming up.

(Tongas Forest outlook) 

(After hike delicacies) 

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