Learning about the life of a Spanish soldier and much more!

I helped with another camp hosted by the Castillo but this time it was centered more on the history of the Castillo rather than Fort Matanzas. This camp had a range of activities with each day focusing on different aspects of the history such as what the Native Americans felt during their imprisonment at the Castillo and what the Spanish soldiers did and wore. The activities ranged from very hands on such as, creating a coquina arch and making a leather pouch, to demonstrations given by volunteers. The campers wrote what they learned in journals that they put together at the beginning of camp. Overall, the camp was a success and ended with many happy children who had learned a lot about St. Augustine and the Castillo. 11411632_1014460661900487_6222548523921366035_o After camp, I ventured my way back to the Castillo to set up a tent in our courtyard for Junior Ranger activities. At the Castillo, we have our Junior Ranger book that deals with information that the children will learn while walking around. My job was to pass out the books and provide assistance. Along with the books, at my table I had various items to showcase to park visitors including a small cannon and cannon tools, wooden muskets, and a soldado’s uniform. I encourage visitors to come up and look at what I have and also use these items to answer the questions that Junior Rangers may have. This is a program I am helping with and trying to expand to include more items as the summer goes on. 11694118_1016856788327541_4766321946591905905_n

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