Learning About New Sights!

Growing up near Zion, I would always hear about the main attractions there; Angel’s Landing, the Narrows, and Emerald Pools. When I started there, I stuck to these hikes as well as some of the other common trails. However, I’ve learned that there is a lot more to see in this hidden paradise. The actual boundaries of Zion National Park spread out over to the I-15 North of St. George (which is an hour from Springdale, the town outside of the park). This section of the park is known as Kolob Canyon. Through reading and hearing other peoples’ experiences, Kolob seems to be a less busy and cooler-temperatured Zion canyon. 

Outside of the main park of Zion, there is also Mt. Kinesava. From what I have heard, the trail here is more scrambling than hiking, with sections that require climbing gear. After the nearly 7 hour hike, there are petroglyphs carved into the rock at the top that have only been seen by few. 

The other interns around the canyon have also shared their small adventures. Many of them have been in the canyoneering paths that take them through rivers and slot canyons. They share the photos of their adventures and I’m left in awe of the amazing sights there are in the deeper crevices of the canyon.

I want to travel all these paths and more in the coming months, once I recover from the recent surgery I had (non work related medical issue). The hidden sights that I have learned about in the canyon have been truly inspiring. 

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