Learning About Giant Sequoia Trees

Hello Everyone! It has been quiet an adventure ever since I arrived to Kings Canyon National Park. From rainy, cold nights to sunny, warm days. My first week consisted of exploring Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. I was very excited to see for the very first time the largest tree in the world, the General Sherman tree! And I want you all to see it is as well so I have shared a picture of this Giant Sequoia tree. After days of exploring and driving around the parks, it was time for me to sit down and do some research as my first interpretive program (Big Tree Talk) was soon approaching. For my program, I had decided to focus on how Sequoia trees are being affected by climate change. I was sad to learn that during and just after the recent severe drought here in California, a small number of Sequoia trees have died in part due to the dry conditions, and some Sequoias are showing signs of stress as they are losing their needles. The drought also caused the death of millions of other trees! Therefore, with my program, I wanted to shine a little light on how important our actions are to help protect Sequoia trees and forests in general from warming temperatures! So, after three days of researching and practicing my program, I was ready! I was excited I had the opportunity to share with the visitors the stories I have learned from Sequoias. So far, the experience I have had talking to the visitors has been great! And my journey here continues, as I am now preparing to do my second interpretive program, the Grant Tree Walk! Stay tuned!

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