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Hello everyone my latest update is finally here from Cowpens National Battlefield/Kings Mountain National Battlefield!

This week I learned the main roles of park rangers and volunteers. They both work and operate in aiding the park by working or volunteering. I learned that it is important for rangers to always research and learn new information through books and any type of plausible research. It is incredible how all these people, whether rangers or volunteers have the knowledge and know how to help people at the visitor center. I mean is anyone aware of the fact that there were 600 battles in South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War? Let alone the fact that it was in South Carolina where the war started turning around for the Continentals and Patriots. Never did I think that when I was in middle school and watched the movie The Patriot in class did I ever think I actually would get to explore and see sites of the southern campaign from the American Revolutionary War. Then to learn how wrong it is to neglect this part of our country’s history and not teach it in our schools when it should be taught more in depth.

The picture above is of some melee weaponry the militia used since they didn’t have bayonets and they ranged from clubs and tomahawks to pretty much anything that they could be used as a weapon.

Talk to everyone next time!                                                 

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