Latino Conservation Week

What’s going on everyone! My time here in the KLGO is coming to end. I have about 3 weeks left, but there are a lot great things coming up. The last couple of weeks have been about organizing Latino Conservation Week events. Sticking to our motto of “go big or go home” the social media team and I developed and implemented a social media campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to increase awareness of Latino Conservation Week and its importance. My supervisors and I created a partnership with Alaska Geographic to raise awareness of the Every Kid In A Park initiative. Additionally, we created a photo booth opportunity for everyone to take pictures and provided information on World Migratory bird day. The event was a success. In the KLGO we developed the state of Alaska’s only multi day Latino Conservation Week event. The social media campaign brought a lot of responses from the Facebook community. It created a platform for others to understand a facet of Latinos relationship with nature, and allowed Latinos in Skagway (about 5% according to the Census) to build solidarity. You can check out our first post here.

(Latino Conservation Week Kicks off)

(Latino Conservation Week Posing) 

Outside of work I went with one of my housemates to buy fresh caught salmon. We made our way to the small boat harbor and bought 2 whole salmon from a fisherman. Then we had to figure out how to filet them, but thankfully we found an entrepreneur offering his services. Let me tell you. It was delicious. Sadly, salmon will never be the same back in Los Angeles anymore. Alright everyone stay tune for more Shenanigans. 

(Buying the salmon)

(Filet the salmon) 

(Eating the salmon) 


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