Latino Conservation Week

This week has been very stressful for me. This week is Grand Canyon’s first annual Latino Conservation Week event. Our event was on Friday, July 21st. I had missed a whole week of potential planning because of the Rim-to-Rim, but that is something I was anticipating. I had to gather all of the supplies for the event, double check that everyone was ready for their programs, reserve tables, get logistics figured out, print signs, etc. I have planned an event in the past, but it was a little different here in the park. I don’t really have to worry about budgeting, since I can find mostly everything I need within the park, but advertising and promoting the event was a little different. It was mostly through social media, and I think for next year I will have to encourage more promotion to be done through other organizations around Arizona. I think the event was a success, though. We had many different Spanish speakers attend our ranger programs, which was great! I hope that this will encourage the park to do more Spanish ranger programs more regularly. That is pretty much what I spent all of my time on this week, and so no one should see the pictures of me pulling my hair out trying to make sure everything is going smoothly. So here are some nice pictures from the event!

Surface Hopscotch for Leave No Trace!

Leave only a Footprint, Take only Photos

Photo Booth

Trash Timeline for Leave No Trace

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