Latino Conservation Week

There’s lots to say today, but I definitely want to keep it short because there’s still a lot to do. Today is the first day of Latino Conservation Week, and I kicked it off with my Ranchero Program and I’m happy to say it was a big success.

It was mostly a facilitated dialogue talk, and I was really happy to see that many people were interested in talking about the history and its relationship to modern day times. People seemed to have fun when I presented a topic and information and then let them have at it. Also, my university professor along with some old classmates came to visit for the program, which was really nice, along with my fiancee, her mom and my mom. We nearly had a full room. The part that was probably the best was the one I didn’t see coming, a little girl in the crowd who was super into it and was quick to share opinions and volunteer, so that helped lighten the mood. I probably couldn’t have done it without her.

A few other things going on in the park include that the Big Time festival is coming up, which is our Native American Trades Festival. It sees around 1,000 visitors, so that’s a big day. I’m looking forward to that. The picture above is a motorcycle that chased the other day and caused a fire in the park. In three hours it maxed out to four acres burned, but was contained within 12 hours. A big shout out to all the fire departments that came out to help; that could have been really bad because it’s been so dry here the past few days. Always a good reminder that while you are supposed to enjoy and have fun in your national park, try not to have too much fun and be safe. The bird publication is underway, and I’m on to round three with the rough drafts. As soon as that’s done I’ll begin translating it into Spanish. I believe that’s about it. Very happy with things right now. With the World Cup finishing up and the Tour de France on, its been a good time for me at work and after work. Just another blog post about things going well, so nothing too special. Thanks.

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