Latino Carnival

Throughout the internship my favourite part has been my main project which was the Latino Carnival. There were many steps I took in order for Lincoln Boyhood to attend the event: Going out to dinner with the Carnival directors. The dinner included myself, carnival directors, town councils, my manager Erin, and the Dale town Marshal. It was a great experience to perform networking and to work with the community outside of the park. Meeting with the directors multiple times before the carnival date was truly an enriching experience that also prepared me for the carnival. Another challenge I overcame at the carnival was getting on a mic in front of an audience counting around 200 people and explaining the “kids activity” that Abraham Lincoln used to play when he was a young child. Once I was done explaining the “Corn Hole” activity which we played at 5:00 pm, I handed the mic off to the director of the carnival: Diana. She spoke into the mic and asked all the kiddos to come up to the front of the stage for Lincoln Boyhoods activity! Once she made that announcement, so many children came running up! At that moment I was super grateful the activity I had planned was going successful. The activity involves throwing corn darts into a metal bucket, these darts are dried up corn cobs with feathers sticking out the back. If you make it into the bucket you get a prize! Since so many kids started to come up during the activity, one of the parents was happy enough to step in and help me form a line so it was more organised. 

All day Friday and before the activity on Saturday, I was able to set up a “Lincoln Boyhood” booth and welcomes visitors to the booth. I would briefly explain to them who we are and why we are here and to let them know that Lincoln Boyhood is your park. Another fun thing the booth had to offer was colouring migratory bird day face masks, many children would flock to the booth in order to color the mask and put it on. Overall, I’m very happy with how the entire event went, it was a great way to step out of my comfort zone and learn a little bit more about myself and the community. It was truly such an amazing experience and I hope to work with the community more in the future.

Kids coming up to participate in the activity.

                                                                                                  Kids coming up to participate in the activity.


                    Latino Carnival Flyer | Activity                                                5:00 pm – 7:00 pm                                                               

                       Corn Darts + Bucket

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