Last Week with the YCC

This is my last week with the YCC interns. I am very sad because I have gotten to know them and they have been such amazing kids. I know that all of them are going to succeed in whatever it is they decide to do with their lives.

Tarryn and I have been going to different places to gather signatures for their checkout this week, which is easy since none of them have housing or keys or anything to turn in, but we still have to get those signatures. Tarryn has also been working on our last education day, which will be a resume building workshop and a pizza party. I just can’t believe how quickly my time here has passed. I will miss every single one of them tremendously.

Since this has been my big project, you may be wondering what I will be doing my last week. I need to make a video presentation for the LHIP conference, since I won’t be there for most of it due to some training I have for another job. I also need to clean up, meet with supervisors to discuss LHIP and YCC, write a letter of what needs to be done for the Latino Conservation Week event, and make sure I gather all of the signatures I need for my checkout. This last week will be bittersweet, filled with saying goodbyes to the interns, coworkers, and cabin-mates. I am also excited to see what lies ahead on the road in front of me. Thank you for reading.

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