Last Week of Composting Summer School!!

Hello! Glad you’re back and checking in on the Grand Canyon’s local school composting project!! 

The Grand Canyon’s local school hosts a summer school each year and it lasts for the entirety of June. The last week of June sadly came along having to say goodbye to all of the wonderful teachers and students. We worked so hard on the project for all four weeks! It really shows when you see all that we accomplished. 

We were able to successfully finish an entire bin for composting!! It all started from scratch. We dug out a flat hole to have a starting point. We then flattened it out and placed bricks all along the ground to have a stable site as well as keep all of the critters in the ground from getting inside (they have a lot of gophers here and can’t have them taking all of the compost lol). We then had to create a border and fill it with wood so that it is stable and doesn’t move around through the years. Finally, we were able to get started on the actual bins! We were able to break down some pallets and make a box out of them by screwing them together. We then placed hardwire all along the walls because we also don’t want squirrels getting in. We then made a lid for the top of the bin that also had hard wire because the ravens here are massive and will certainly tear away at it. After all our hard work, the first bin has finally been completed and we have all of the materials completely in shape to build the other two while the students are not in school. 

It was such an honor to help teach these students about the importance of composting and how much they can benefit the garden and school that they have 🙂 I also created some training for the teachers and found some resources to help them teach the students about composting and remind them how important it is! 

I also wanted to add that the school didn’t open until 9:00 a.m., so I would spend my mornings working next door at the grand canyon’s recreational center since they have wifi there and it is very cozy. I spend a lot of time there in my free time there too calling my family and friends it is such a nice spot here as an intern. I also was able to meet Fred! He is a very sweet and cute dog who is always ready for some nice pats!! Would definitely recommend seeing all the cute dogs that live around here 😀 

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