La Comunidad!

Spending so much time in one of the most beautiful places on earth is a huge plus of this internship, but for me, it has not been the best part. One of my goals in applying for and starting this internship was for me to get more in touch with my Latino heritage. Growing up in Southern Utah has blessed me with endless opportunities and a relatively safe and secure upbringing, but I have always lacked a sense of belonging and contribution when it comes to the local Latino community. It could be because of the small population here, or perhaps my lack of comprehension of the Spanish language, but I won’t really know for sure. The footwork that we have done with connecting to the local Latino community, though minute, has already made a big impact. Even though my Spanish is not the best, I have fun trying to translate posters so those that have trouble with English can read and understand what is going on. 

Interacting with the Latino community has also been a good experience. This last Saturday, July 8th, we were able to attend and participate in a local Latino festival. We held a booth and got to share information about Zion and about our project. Many locals were interested and a few signed up to be updated on our project. It was awesome to share knowledge with others and have them be excited for what is to come. 

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