Public Information Intern

Southwest Border Resource Protection Program
December 4, 2020
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The Public Information Intern will support the Southwest Border Resource Protection Program’s (SWBRPP) visual and written outreach through multi-media platforms and program reports. The goal is to improve overall communication of the financial and technical assistance that SWBRPP provides to parks and partners to fulfill projects that mitigate impacts on cultural and natural resources along the US-Mexico border. Specifically, the intern will focus on these duties and tasks:

  1. Manage the SWBRPP Website including updating its written content, photos and maps. Update and expand the webpage to highlight past and current projects, post multi-annual reports, and provide information on applying for new project funding. 
  2. Develop and maintain SWBRPP Facebook page through weekly updates, relevant postings and responses to questions, concerns and inquires.
  3. Develop an SWBRPP Instagram profile to feature visual accomplishments of partners and parks projects.
  4. Develop visual and audio production to be include on the SWBRPP multi-media platforms including the SWBRPP webpage, Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Update and create new SWBRPP brochures and pamphlets.
  6. Organize and obtain Spanish translation of written and audio material were needed.
  7. Produce a multi-annual report for the program that highlights key projects funded and other impacts the program has made on conservation and preservation along the U.S. Mexican border. The program reports will summarize accomplishments through written accounts and the of use photographs, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, and charts. 
  8. Produce a report on research conducted about similar programs serving Mexican conservation for publishing to website and sharing with program constituents. 

This position is offered through the National Park Service's Latino Heritage Internship Program in partnership with Environment for the Americas.

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