Oral Historian/Communications Specialist

Website National Trails Office, Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program

This project proposes to build collaborative relationships with Hispanic communities on Route 66 in New Mexico through the development of a Hispanic Legacies of Route 66 in New Mexico Travel Itinerary.  The proposed project is the second phase of the Hispanic Legacies of Route 66 in New Mexico StoryMap project (https://ncptt.nps.gov/rt66/hispaniclegaciesroute-66/), which was produced by prior LHIP interns and won the prestigious Organization of American Historians 2022 Stanton-Horton Award for Excellence in National Park Service History. 

The intern will dig deeper into the stories of individual businesses and families who were identified in the award-winning Phase I of this project. The project will reconnect with communities to identify and research up to 10 in-depth stories across Route 66 in New Mexico. The project will begin with community meetings to share the Phase I StoryMap, introduce and seek input on the travel itinerary project and other potential future projects that would benefit the communities (the meetings will be planned/organized prior to intern’s arrival). It will also identify families, Route 66 businesses, and others interested in being highlighted in the travel itinerary. Once 10 or so 12 stories are identified, the intern will conduct oral histories and other research to develop the itinerary content. If time permits (extension of the internship beyond summer 2023 is welcomed), the intern will work with National Trails staff to draft/and or finalize the StoryMap. National Trails historians, interpreters, and GIS specialists will provide support throughout the project.

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