Museum Outreach Intern

Website Chaco Culture National Historical Park, Superintendent's Division, Museum & Archives Program

The Museum Outreach Intern will focus on increasing accessibility to the CHCU and AZRU museum collections, which have limited physical exhibit opportunities, through both short- and long-term avenues. Not only will the intern increase accessibility to the materials, but they will also look for every opportunity to showcase the stories of multiple associated communities, including indigenous tribes, early New Mexicans, and federal government managers. CHCU and AZRU are involved in an Interior Initiative to increase the discoverability of museum collections, and this internship will directly contribute. The intern will provide two to five public tours of the primary repositories and create a summary poster for each park collection that can be used for varied annual outreach events (e.g. museum studies career fair and American Indian Arts Festival). The intern will also be expected to review the museum collection pages on the parks’ websites, designing appropriate updates in collaboration with the parks’ website manager. The intern will create a series of social media posts about their experiences and discoveries in the collections for posting on the parks’ social media sites. At the end of the internship, the Museum Outreach Intern will make a presentation to the parks’ management team about their experiences, discoveries, and extent of outreach efforts.

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