Latino Outreach Ambassador

Website First State National Historical Park

This internship will focus on direct outreach to diverse communities to better understand how and why visitors come to the Smith’s Bridge Picnic Area in the summer months. Once this is better understood, outreach to underrepresented communities can begin. The Smith’s Bridge Picnic area sees visitation of more than 1,000 people on weekend days and up to 5,000 on holiday weekends in the summer. The internship will help the park overcome a major deficit, which is not having a Spanish speaker on staff.  The bilingual intern will work alongside other staff at the picnic area on the weekend and then work with the Superintendent to develop and implement outreach strategies outside the boundaries of the park. The primary deliverable will be an Outreach Plan to be implemented at the park. The plan will serve as a written road map for future engagement to the Hispanic community for the park.  

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